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The Toronto International Film Festival (September 9-19, 2010) is running an innovative contest that puts a feather in an emerging filmmakers cap and a prize in your lap.


Swallowed by Stephen Dunn

Watch to win as the Talent Lab of TIFF presents the short films of five up ‘n coming filmmakers from across the country, one of whom happens to be from Newfoundland and Labrador.  Though Stephen Dunn has been relocated in Toronto studying, he’s representing with his short Swallowed which he wrote and directed – among other things.

The 5:10 short features Meghan Greeley, Julia Picard and Andrew Linegar with a beautiful song performed by Simon Ahmadi.  The lyrics Ahmadi sings are also written by Dunn, with a violin accompaniment by Emilia Bartellas.  The short tells a compelling story about youth, age and overcoming obstacles – tied in and represented with water and the special tie Newfoundlanders have to the sea.  It also features very creative and beautifully unfolding puppetry work fused with live shots.

Stephen Dunn (Photo by Apryl-Maxine Stead)

Stephen Dunn (Photo by Apryl-Maxine Stead)

The challenge for Dunn and the other filmmakers was to take $500 and a video camera and produce something original, the only guideline being that it needed to be on the subject of water.  The other titles entered include: L’homme qui se croyet eau (Daniel Schachter); Keepers of the Water (Ayelen Liberona); This tear is a word (Walter Forsyth) and Hot Water (Jane Tattersall).

The shorts can be viewed at the TIFF Emerging Filmmakers Fan Favourite website until July 14, with a draw on July 22.  The prize that those who vote will be entered for is a $5,000.00 experience at TIFF.

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