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If you’re still sorting out your plans for the weekend, the LSPU Hall has a Friday night option for you.  The Nickel Independent Film Festival is hosting a fundraiser and celebration, continuing to acknowledge its tenth anniversary.  They’ve partnered up with Andy Jones who has curated the line up and will host the evening which will also include a performance from local comedian Dave Sullivan.

In the line up you will find Extraordinary Visitor (short), Nan vs. Nature, Punch up at a Wedding, Bullies, Codpieces, Dead Bird in the Garbage, Outport Lesbian, Sisters of the Silver Scalpel, Countdown and Ship Inn Man.

Tickets are going for $20.00 which includes not only those pesky taxes and surcharge – but, also a drink!  The seating will also be general admission for this event.  Bust a Gut (again!) happens on August 27.

While on the topic of great local film, it shouldn’t go without mention that the Women’s Film Festival is also presenting a series, theirs is called Films on the Go. That one will make use of the fantastic new screening space at the Johnson Geo Centre on September 23.  The admission for this event is free, and its part of a 12 stop tour across the province that has been rolling since the beginning of August.  St. John’s is the second last stop before it wraps up the following week through to October in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

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