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Artistic Fraud’s Afterimage available in print
By Joshua Jamieson

Those that check out the latest production from Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland over the next few days will be pleased to know they can take a little something home.  The latest original production from Artistic Fraud’s script by Robert Chafe, adapted from a Michael Crummey short story, will be available following performances. Afterimage (Directed by Jillian Keiley) debuted at the LSPU Hall Wednesday, May 26 and will run to May 30 and from June 1 – 5, with the run coinciding with the launch of the script, published by Toronto’s Playwrights Canada Press.

For more information or tickets, you can call the LSPU Hall at  753-4531, or book online at www.rca.nf.ca.

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